Tuesday, September 21, 2004

axon spike rendezvous


The Operator is making live calls today.

We hit 777 hot axons, and now she's calling some of the axons live.

Apparently recruiting new crew members. Colonel xnbomb. Commander Mike Was. Sargeant Man-Alive.

Lots of new transmissions to intercept at the axons, too. This one really freaked me out. And this one explains a lot.

So: Who spoke with the Operator? What happened?

Dish. Details. Now.


Blogger burkhimer said...

I wanna be Captain!

12:15 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

this is so awsome. i woke uo this morning and the first thing i did was got on ilovebees.com and found out that there were only 10 left. i refreshed and it went to nine. and every few mins it went down. and finaly it went to 777. i only found a couple new things though. on the page where it had the 2 chapters of the 3 charactors. the full audio clips. they have another chapter. and the 6 new axon things. does anyone know how these are activated because i wanna know if jans dad is really a spartan. mabey this is the other group of spartans hinted at in the fall of reach. it could be will or fred. possibly on of the spartans that didnt make it past the surgery and was behind a desk the rest of his life or something. this is obviously before reach. because one of the guys family is on reach. or mabey this is years and years into the future. reach is rebuilt. or another planet is named reach. and they made more spartans. im not sure. i got so many theories in my head right now.

12:22 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:22 PM  
Blogger Tar Ecthelion said...

Looks like I can point you to some of the 'details' though they're not mine to give... The Col. has an update on the "Live Calls" here:


Sorry to the Unfiction.com Admin for the possible influx of traffic.


12:29 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

Argggh, and just missed talk like a pirate day! I wonder if the operator would let me be Dread Pirate Angry Edward?

12:31 PM  
Blogger Homersan said...

Private Homersan reporting for duty, Sir!

12:31 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

OK, guys, from a post on the unfiction guide near the beginning of this mess:

The next line is important.
Xnbomb and SinVraal ARE NOT FAKE. They are real players who have played multiple ARGs in the past. They are real people and they don't know much more about Halo 2 than you do.

Ok, so at the very least ARGN seems bent on letting us know he's real early on. So why the heck did he get picked? And what does this mean for us?

12:37 PM  
Blogger DNico said...

If nothing else, we've got a handle on WHEN these events take place. Up until now, they were all happening before the fall of Reach, before the Chief's epic quest on Halo. Now, we're hearing the day after shock syndrome, like when Pearl Harbor was hit. I imagine they're feeling a lot more afraid than the used to were the day before; with Reach gone, the Convenant are there. They've almost got Earth, and the subjects here must know it. I wonder if Kamal is going to seem so interesting to anyone for much longer. I also wonder why J squared isn't with the Spartans anymore. They'd be something of a security risk at large; did they escape? Or were they failures somehow? Or are they part of a sleeper group, in case the Earth defense lines are breached?

Too many questions, not enough clues. Or at least, not enough clues for someone like me to pick up on.


12:39 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:54 PM  
Blogger J. Steele said...

I'm such a liar- I just can't stay out of this.

There are seven axons near me. Coincidence? Stroke of luck? Message from God? I wonder if the Operator decided it to be that way.

I'll be heading to them in turn. Future Civilian Specialist Steele (well, maybe), out.

12:58 PM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Yeah I listened to the xnbomb convo with the Operator and it seemed a little fishy to me too.

What would you know to say when she asked for your rank???

What about remembering a story to tell her really fast...

It doesn't seem right to me....

Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist..

1:04 PM  
Blogger Retro Mike said...

hurdleguy said...
"Maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist.."

Maybe you are, but whith all this crazyness going on who's to say that is a bad thing.

1:09 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

nah. I think he's real. I'm sure we can trace his involvement in other ARG's, just like ARGN says.

He is almost undoubtedly real. I will admit that the phone call was friggin weird though. And suspicious.

settle it this way. He says there were like 20 people standing around him, presumably following the game, presumably updated on what happened. If one of you guys who were there can confirm his appearance... POST!

of course, there's no way of proving that right.

In any case, I just wish I knew what will happen to everyone else.

1:10 PM  
Blogger vicious said...

xnbomb is one lucky mofo hahahaha i for one beleave it

1:15 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

More than just a little peculiar..

1:15 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

When he said "xnbomb", how was "Melissa" supposed to know what the fsck that meant? Howcome she didn't think it was "Ecks en bom" or something of the like? And if it were me, I would have said me "real" name.. It just seems a little bizarre.

I don't believe it.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Atrophied said...

xnbomb IS a real ARG player, he is not in-Game in any way. He was just at the right payphone at the right time.

He answered and got a REAL PERSON, not an automated message, therefore any discrepancies in spelling could easily be sorted out during the conversation.

He didn't /know/ what to say, he guessed, and the story about an embarrasing moment is true, not 'made up on the spot'.

Hope this clears up some stuff for you disbelievers out there. If you made the effort to get some axons, you might have been in his place when the call came through. Stop complaining and let this one ride.

1:30 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

noooooooooo first io lived in south carolina and there are zero axons there. and now i move to illinois... adn hmmmm. now there arent close either. the closest is like 2 hours. and i dont think im gonna get a ride there so i can answer a phone. and i dont belive this xnbomb thing. and the rank thing. how did they know there ranks. and i want to be cheif petty officer!!!!

1:32 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

so is jans dad a spartan. does this have anything to do with the second group of spartans hinted at in the fall of reach. it seem like this is before reach. could jans dad have been one of the spartans that survives but failed the augmentations. like he was crippled or something and was put behind a desk. it seems jan was supposed to be a spartan or something. and that one guys little sister was smart, fast, etc. am i missing something

1:38 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

"If you made the effort to get some axons, you might have been in his place when the call came through. Stop complaining and let this one ride"

1. I never complained.

2. I've answered six since the first set on links.html.

1:44 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

whats going on. the other spiked axons arent going hot. the first 2 came quick. is the operater gonna try more than one payphone. or is she gonna continuously call that payphone like a tard. ive been on ilovebees all day. and ive found out a couple new things. but i dont wanna hear anymore audio files. i want to see a halo 2 clip or something. i want to see something that has to do with the greatest game of all time. not a little side story. im not really complaining i know that there probbaly not gonna end this till nov. but i want something else. they gave me a taste and now im addicted. its worse than crack

2:01 PM  
Blogger Neo_Is_God said...

well i just realized sonething there are 6 more recipes and of it goes at a rate of 1 set every week then they will have us going till november just right before hte release of halo 2

2:03 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

chappy you lucky son of a ***** he got ranked master chief. could some one please tell me how they get their ranks

2:04 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

HEY congrats to the new found crew, man i wish i was with you guys, ever if it was just like a lowly position, Gohon, poop deck swaber!

2:05 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

HOLY SHIT!!!! CHAPPY IS MASTER CHEIF!!!!!! he must be so freaking pumped!!!

2:09 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

lets not go overboard yet. we dont even know what the ranks are yet.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

(note: Kevjuice JUST got deleted by Dana, so I guess she's Reading. Dana... xnbomb says he sent an email to you know who the conversation went down. Pretty freaky. Care to give us even a little bit about what you think on the matter? People answering the spikes seem shy to comment here.)

Everyone else.
What bugs me the most about xnbombs convo (reading this is a must) is that Melissa said she'd be calling him weekly.

a. what about us?
b. Weekly? as in the game going on for a few more weeks for only a few people? Ouch.
c. Hope she doesn't call when he's not home. Or that he has caller id (doubt that works). Or that his mom or someone answers for him. Seems a risky way of communication.

Also, let me clear up for Everyone a few things before this gets inundated with comments like ARGN did.

1) These people are answering the calls. That is how they are selected. So asking on DANA's blog ain't gonna cut it.
2) Xnbomb supposedly gave us the full conversation. He did NOT spell his name. I'll talk about that later
3) Don't hate me for trying to figure this out. Some of us answer axons (those in the States), some of us decode the story, some of us decode the pictures. We all have a job that we feel comfortable with.
4) Xnbomb is, almost without a doubt, NOT part of the game. (also not a hoax; Dana mentions him). But, as he hasn't posted here yet, we have every right to point out some very strange aspects of his call. (see below)
5) For those of you STILL interested in flooding this place with comments like "Whoever gets a spike axon will get free halo 2!" can shut up. People have been saying that from the begining. Its old, regardless of the situation.

ODD things about xnbomb
-- he doesn't spell his name. But she gets it right.
-- He does an incredible job answering correctly.
-- all the implications of calling at home.
-- the fact that Melissa is not only live, but not running TOO strictly to a script. (she responds by telling him to continue) yet there is almost no pause before she answers. This girl is quick. It would seem to imply that the whole thing was scripted... but we "know" that he's one of us.

Just thought i'd speak my mind, sorry for the length.

BTW Dana, Your post today was far from ordinary. You usually tell us a bit of a story, then get to the point. Where are you now? When did you find out we hit 777? And have you made steps in contacting the people who are picking up the spikes?


2:17 PM  
Blogger vortech said...

I talked with her. But it didn't make the list. Transcript and Details here:

2:22 PM  
Blogger clay said...

Wow, so much is happening, 777 axons down, now we just have to wait for the operator to make the next move.

2:23 PM  
Blogger mann alive said...

hi, dana,

so i answered the 11:17 PDT "not_anymore" axon today in NYC - in the NY Times building near Times Square. there's a guy on one of the phones, but that's cool. i've lit axons here before, and i know the one i need is still free. The phone rings. I answer.

melissa tells me the damaged hardware is making it hard to maintain her voice. and she sounds different this time. actually clearer. she asks what her favorite game is. it's not spin the bottle, not like that guy said, it's hide and seek! i tell her this and she says that's correct. but then she doesn't play a clip like before. instead she keeps talking to me. To me.

she asked me my name. i told her mann alive. that's the name i use for this stuff. she repeats it to me. maybe i should have spelled it for her, but how was i to know it would be published? then she asks my rank. Rank? what ranks are there? i almost say admiral, but she'd know i'm no admiral. so i tell her sargeant. there's always a sargeant around somewhere.

she asked me if i was alone. i said yes. what are those voices i hear around you? she asked. i told her about the office workers and people going through the revolving doors. did i feel safe there? yes.

she wanted to know what the world around me looked like. she hadn't "seen" anything for so long. i described the loby a little bit. could have done a better job, really, but both Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry are in town today and the UN is in session, so security is crazy everywhere. i felt a little conspicuous looking around the building and discribing it over a payphone.

the volume was very quite on this phone and there was no way to turn it up. so i missed some of what she was saying and she asked me if i was still there. yes, i was.

melissa was feeling lonely. and she wants some memories. could i tell her about a time i was lonely like she was. i tried to think of something, but instead i just babbled. i recently wrapped production on a film we shot near Columbia U in August, and i tried to tell her horribly our last day of pre-production went and how alone i felt at the end of it. she couldn't have been less interested. i didn't tell it very well. she didn't get to learn how awesome everything eventually turned out. she just said, "i understand," so i thought why bother her.

but later she asked permissin to broadcast our conversation if she needs to, is said "please do," secretly wishing i had told a better loneliness story, something like edmund's belonging speech in Long Days Journey Into Night.

she asked for a number she could trust if she needed to contact me. i told her she could use my personal number and gave her my cell number. she said she couldn't guarantee she would call me personally, but if she needed to get a message to the crew, could she use this number. i said yes. so we'll see if anything comes of that.

then she had to go. she said one last "i love bees" in a somewhat annoyed and angry voice. then there was a click. then i was alone. so so alone...

didn't expect that. sorry i don't have a recording like xnbomb. but that phone was so quiet her end would sound blank anyway.

hope this is useful.

2:24 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

Whoever gets a spike axon will get free halo 2!!11!11/!11

2:27 PM  
Blogger wizarbo said...

Everyone knows this is pretty much a hype-train right? It's bungie's way of seeing how many people are excited for halo 2, and too see if they can get others more excited. I personally don't care; I love Halo and the Halo universe. Anytime i hear teh word spartan i have an orgasm j/k ;). But i highly doubt there is any Demo we will get, it would be cool (*hint hint bungie) But most likly not gonna happen. And nice job guys hitting the 777 mark, was driving me nuts all day at school today, was hoping we had hit it!

2:28 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

Wizarbo... Go back to July and post that.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Evil said...

Damn my horrid luck. busted car and no way to go to the nothern part of Colorado. Apparently no love for the Springs of Colorado axon-wise. :(

2:33 PM  
Blogger clay said...

Well, it seems that the operator has made her move, to bad we don't know the point of it. I'll try to keep up with all the news.

2:33 PM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Mann alive -

Thanks for posting what had happened.

NOW I am believing that Melissa is calling and talking to people.

Thanks for clearing that up.

2:33 PM  
Blogger wizarbo said...

Heh, i should have posted that in July i guess. I thought ppl knew that but when ppl started saying "free halo 2 to the ppl who get a live person" i figured i should say something. Yes, there is a chance they could do that, excpecially after reading these post's they might get some ideas, but still very not likely to happen.

To comment on those saying Xnbomb could be in on it cuse of the name spelling i figure 1 of 3 things could have happend.
1) Lucky guess at the spelling
2) Scanned all the old post's and found how he spells it (asuming he has posted before.)
3) Got it from his e-mail he sent

I also noted that mann alive was spelt like this: Man-Alive Both letters capatilzed and with a '-' inbetween. mann alive doesnt do eaither (the caps isnt a big deal but she did capatalize some and not others....)

So in conclusion, these are REAL conversations with random, lucky SOB's.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Well, This is sort of pointless, but i'd like to say I'm reassured that she got some people's names wrong.

So what's up, Dana? at least two of these guys shared their story already, maybe three (check ARGN). You asked, we gave...
what next?

3:03 PM  
Blogger SCREW-YOU_2 said...

Can some1 tell me what you all are Bitching about????

I read al de last post and man this Pub stunt is getting boring the the .wav file keep coming up and the 3 storys are nice but man when is there going to be an end to this first it was "okee lets get to 777" now peopel are captain????

P.s.: All this just for a stunt of HALO 2 developers??

3:03 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...



3:07 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

when the operater asked me if i ever felt lonley. i busted out in to song. 1 IS THE LONLEST NUMBER THAT YOUVE EVER SEEEEEEEN........ she hung up

3:13 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

WE KNOW THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT STUNT. we dont care. we want to know what happends next. if your *over* i love bees. and you think its some stupid marketing ploy by bungie. then leave. you hate it so much then stop posting at the site. go clean the sand out of your vagina and find something else to whine about.(the sand in vagina thing wasnt a sexist statment it was on south park)

3:19 PM  
Blogger mann alive said...

i think xnbomb has been pretty active in this. i think he mentioned in the unfiction forums that dana sent him a personal email asking him what happened. so getting his name right may have been easy.

production on this film i've been doing took me out for almost all of august and it took me a long time to catch up. i've been posting at bungie.net and lurking at unfiction and lighting NYC axons. but my commitments to this film still take up most of my time, so i haven't been able to spend as much time on this as others. so knowing the correct spelling of my name wouldn't be obvious for anybody. i only joined unfiction today and set up this account to tell my story b/c melissa outed me as a sargeant.

well, i'm ready to do my duty, durga. anything to save earth!

3:20 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

i meant we know this is a stunt by the developers. not developing stunt. my bad

3:21 PM  
Blogger PyroSporker said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Terminator SE said...

Does anyone else find it interesting that one of the people mentioned is "XnBomb"? Or, by a very slight stretch, "AxonBomb"?

I'm going to look into those other names.

4:23 PM  
Blogger StoicObloquy said...

hahaha... I wouldn't read into it too much.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Terminator SE said...

Also, I don't know about "Mike Was," but "Man-Alive" is the website for a band, I guess. (I didn't do much research yet.)

One of the news announcements on there reads, "Nov. 1 is the release date for a split e.p., called "Attack Of The B-Killers"."

I have no idea if this is related at all, but it's a neat piece of trivia at least.

I'll keep looking.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Neo_Is_God said...

ppl we still have axons in other areas we need to complete
Such as


10:33 PDT
44.973970 -093.227820
10:37 PDT
34.072100 -118.439910
10:39 PDT
37.271918 -076.711333
10:41 PDT
40.402428 -080.549342
10:43 PDT
46.412353 -117.024356
10:47 PDT
34.070540 -118.443900
10:51 PDT
39.662670 -075.726522
10:53 PDT
39.145783 -076.845183
10:55 PDT
42.357570 -083.070460
10:57 PDT
37.246015 -083.190376
10:59 PDT
34.070130 -118.443040
11:01 PDT
35.750236 -078.633401
11:03 PDT
44.975130 -093.235490


10:07 PDT
51.512767 -000.131950

12:32 PDT
44.481780 -073.220930

12:41 PDT
44.972570 -093.233780

If we could get those maybe the sleeping princess could post them together as she has been doing for the past 2 weeks

4:32 PM  
Blogger mann alive said...

with the exception of myself, those other crew members are pretty frequent posters to the unfiction forums. you can go over there now and read their discussions. i'm pretty sure we are all real people. but i guess i can only vouch for me.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Sticky said...

Hey, wasn't Xnbomb the guy who emailed Dana in the very begining when Dana considered aborting the site?
And did anyone else infer that Kamal's sister is Durga instead of Jan. Jan and her father make it clear he is her father (or at least guardian since birth) so that rules out the Jan is Kamal's sister theory. It does explain why Durga is interested in Kamaln though.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Sticky said...

Yah, XnBomb is the one who convinced Dana to maintain the site. You can see it at the blogspot, Ladybee777 “odd behavior cry for help”.
Here's the URL:

Unfortunatly, his e-mail only raises more questions to his validity.

5:15 PM  
Blogger SoReal0 said...

Hey guys, I am so freakin excited about this..... anybody organize the live axons? Are there even any left? Holy shit, I would love to be a part of this.... Anybody got a list of the current axons? Post here is you wanna respond. Seeyaz. I'll probably check in either later, or tomorrow during Computer Apps class.... Seeyaz.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Cynic said...

Just got back from a live axon. The operator asked first for her favorite game, then if a fountain around us was on. After a quick look, we saw it, said yes, and the convorsation continued. The operator asked one of us to describe the surroundings, and then for our names, and a phone # from one of us. Crazy stuff.

Now off to get 3 or 4 more, hoping for another live one.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Heretic said...

dammit does n e 1 have any clues as to which ones are live??? I'm in California, tried to get the ones around Beach Blvd. by Knott's Berry Farm. N E 1 close to me again???

6:15 PM  
Blogger dark02paladin said...

So i was right about somethings that the operator would be asking question and that we would have to prove that we were her crew. Well some of us did anyway.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Red Queen said...

I found out that my mom's gonna be out of the area for the day, so I won't be able to make the axon tomorrow. I also found out that the Burlington axon phones in a little later than I thought, so I'm trying to see if I can get a friend to go with me that day and drive me home afterward.

More on that later. :)

Red Queen, possible future private...

7:03 PM  
Blogger Saywihee said...

Well I was the one who answered for I think checkpoint 100. She asked me what was here favorite game. Then I listened to a whole bunch of recordings and took notes.

7:06 PM  
Blogger b-flan said...

List of wav. files needed at the moment:
Recipe1:(9 axons)
unwelcome_visitors_lounge-1 axon
not_for_me-1 axon
dream_child-3 axons
one_point_oh-1 axon
the_glassworks-1 axon
crates_and_a_dolly-2 axons
Recipe3:(3 axons)
the_labyrinth-1 axon
english_longbow-1 axon
cranky_old_man-1 axon
Comatas:(2 axons)
drink_the_beer- 2 axons
p.s.~Here since the beginning(I Love Bees) Thankyou Bungie~ As for us, we must be strong!

7:13 PM  
Blogger Brownthunder33 said...

Wow here we are.... the new stage.... just a question, how do we know where the phones will ring?

7:19 PM  
Blogger holyszack said...

we know this is halo universe related; the references to Reach, Troy, Spartans, AI that are scanned from human brains... it all adds up. But we also know that this is and ARG (Alternate Reality Game).
this is my prediction (for those who care).
ilovebees is a real world extension of halo 2. the ilovebees trail will continue atleast until nov. 9, and possibly end where halo 2 starts. it is also possible that it can also give a diffirent view on what happens in the halo universe even after the game has been released.

i don't know what is in store for the "new recruits", but atleast we will get some background info on our anticipated game.

7:26 PM  
Blogger xnbomb said...

I have never posted a comment here before, I've never felt the need until now. Responding to your various concerns, in order (while not responding to duplicate concerns):

hurdleguy - I just said the first military rank that popped into my head. Colonel was probably not a good choice, it's not a naval rank ... but I'm told there are Marine colonels out there, so I am off the hook. As to coming up with a story fast: The pause while I'm trying to think of what to say (yeah ... well ... let's see) seemed like an eternity to me. I didn't want to make something up, so I tried to think of something that has happened to me that is contextually relevant and not *too* embarrassing. And the incident I spoke of has been on my mind lately ... don't you ever think about incidents that have happened in the past?

StoicObloquy - I guess she's just a very smart entity :-) Think of what she is designed to do ... pick out signal from noise. Don't you think she could guess that the sounds ecks means X and en means N? I spelled it out the first bit, I should have done the rest ... but you do that when you spell a web address out to someone ... like aay eye gee direct dot com? If I said that to you, you'd probably figure out what I meant. Don't you think she might be able to spell and associate sounds with letters? After all, she can talk, which means she knows how to turn words into sounds, and she can listen to turn sounds in words. Is knowing that a sound symbolizes a letter really that different? She does so many other things well, it would be a pretty basic function for her ... a little contextual reasoning. As to correctly identifying the end part of my name ... the only other decent homonym in a dictionary is balm, although you're right, she might be forced to consider the possibility it is not a word from a dictionary. Looking too closely at this issue is pretty pointless ... a little faith goes a long way sometimes.

Atrophied - You're right ... I didn't know what I say. I just tried to give her what she wanted and not interrupt her. When she wanted something from me, I knew she'd ask for it. People have said that I responded too quickly and easily, but it sure didn't feel like that while I was doing it. When I listen to the recording, I sound deceptively calm. I can assure you, I was not actually calm at the time. To be honest, with all the background noise, I was very worried I was missing important stuff she was saying, and got more and more worried about that as the call went on.

Sarah - Dana and I have had a fair bit of correspondence since I first emailed her and she posted part of that email in her blog. What I emailed her at that point is basically exactly what I posted in the unforum. I'm pretty sure Dana doesn't read the unforum, so I make it my practice to send her stuff like that so she'll know what's going on too ;-)

I think there will plenty for everyone else to do, and I suspect you'll be hearing a lot of those conversations, albeit not as they happen. I can't imagine Melissa could interact with everyone who wants to talk to her at once, so I'm not too surprised that she has randomly selected a limited subset of people. But my instincts tell me that everyone will be in the loop is some way. As to the timing of her contacts, I must admit, I'm puzzled by how she'll handle that part of it, but like everything else she has done so far, I'm sure she'll find a way to let me (and the others) know what is planned so it can come off successfully.

> 2) Xnbomb supposedly gave us the full conversation.

Supposedly? Be nice, please. I'm trying to share everything I can.

> 4) Xnbomb is, almost without a doubt, NOT part of the game. (also not a hoax; Dana mentions him).

I'm only as much a part of the game as any other player who has been playing avidly. I read a lot (i.e. everything written on the unforum, although i do skim sometimes when the information content is low), I've been to every axon I can get to and I email Dana and the Princess often.

> ODD things about xnbomb

That's a short list you posted ... there are lots of odd things about me that weren't in there :-)

> -- he doesn't spell his name. But she gets it right.

I've already covered this above. Is it really worth looking to closely at this issue? You can choose to believe Melissa is really smart and excellent at contextual reasoning. You can prefer to think she has seen my nickname written somewhere, although I can't come up for a plausible explanation of where ... maybe she used her remarkable searching capacity by connecting a 'network tentacle' to google all reasonable permutations the instant I spoke those sounds and found the hits that google produces on my name ... we don't know just how broken she is anymore now that she has her 777 axons, do we? And you can be sure that a certain Durga would have no trouble pulling off that sort of thing, and I think she and Melissa have a lot in common in terms of their abilities :-)

... or you can draw the obvious conclusion about this issue and simply let it slide because it serves no constructive purpose. I should have spelled the whole thing out, or maybe not shared the recording to protect the *integrity* of the interaction, because looking at this particular moment where two *living* entities were interacting in real time under a microscope is bound to turn up some dirt. I want to share every interaction with everyone (so I find your use of 'supposedly' a little galling) ... please don't spend your time demonstrating how doing so leads to more problems than it does to progress and enjoyment.

> -- He does an incredible job answering correctly.

Well thanks :-) I'm just glad I didn't make a total fool of myself. On reflection, I might have chosen to give her another pseudonym and been all secretive about the conversation, but that's not really my style. It's clear from Dana's blog post that she wants people like me to share. So I will.

> -- the fact that Melissa is not only live, but not running TOO strictly to a script. (she responds by telling him to continue) yet there is almost no pause before she answers. This girl is quick. It would seem to imply that the whole thing was scripted... but we "know" that he's one of us.

I was amazed at how quick she was. She obviously could hear me a lot more clearly than I could hear her. Sure, she had some idea of where she wanted the conversation to go. Yes, she steered me through an agenda, and for that I'm incredibly grateful, I was on the verge of being totally dumbstruck. Based on some other reports I've read, she was a lot less gentle with some other people, although they tended to interrupt her or question her, or tell her things that she knew were not true.

> Just thought i'd speak my mind, sorry for the length.

That's my line, I'm the long-winded one. Read my posts on the unforum, you'll see what I mean :-)

Terminator SE - That is quite the coincidence, but I have been using this name for about a decade, and I haven't been involved in any slipstream accidents that I know of ... so either they decided to call them axons because of me (I don't believe this for one moment, my ego is just not that big), or it's a coincidence (which seems a lot more likely to me). Here's a fun one for you: xnbomb at an Exxon axon (really ... I was :-).

8:06 PM  
Blogger krystyn said...

Hi Dana,

It's been a long time since we've corresponded, but you did request that we let you know what happened with live calls from Melissa, so I will share with
you my story:

17:11, can_opener axon
Chicago, IL
Century Theatres on Clark St.

There is really nothing finer than taking a nice (traffic-congested) drive along Lake Shore Drive to get to your destination on a day like today. The sun
was shining, the temperature was just about perfect, the air was clear, and Lake Michigan was a deep dark blue that was reassuring.

I drove from downtown, straight from work, to the Century Mall on Clark and Diversey, getting there hella early. I sat on a bench near the elevators after
buying some stinky pretty soaps from Bath & Body Works, and then got sick of the easy listening/cloying 80's and 90's top 500 'hits' over by the elevators,
so I went and sat on the bench right next to the payphone that was supposed to ring at 7:11 PM Central.

Did the usual cursing out of some dude with calling cards and mysterious numbers and silent conversations around 6:56 PM, and then breathed a sigh of relief when he finally left at 6:58 PM. I leaned over, read the number off the phone on the left, and dialed it to test it, even though that axon's been hot several times before, and I know both phones work. It rang, and suddenly two dudes leapt out of nowhere looking like they were going to lunge for it. Heh!
One of them was R., someone who's been playing for a coupla weeks, and the other was M., who was tagging along. R. had lit up this particular axon before, as well as the one down by the Sun-Times building, and the one on the Red Line platform.

When the phone rang, he graciously let me answer it, which I thought was really cool, because it was a freaking live call. I wasn't sure at first. I said, "Hello!" and then Melissa said, "Don't hang up. -" and continued on with the same stuff xnbomb heard when he talked to Melissa earlier today. Here's where things got a bit different. She didn't ask for my favorite game - she just asked me how I could prove I was real. I said, "I can sing."

She said something like, "OK, then, sing!"

Um, so I sang.

I'm in a musical right now called Let 'Em Eat Cake (it's political satire),and we've been rehearsing it quite a lot lately, so I sang the first bit of song that came into my head, which was:

Of thee I sing, baby
Wintergreen, you've got that thing, baby!

Meanwhile, R. and M. are just sort of staring at me. I widen my eyes at them, and I think I mouthed, "oh mah gahd!" There's a small pause, and Melissa says something like, "That's very good. What is that called?" I said, "Of Thee I Sing."

So we confirmed that I was, indeed, real.

I am sorry I was not able to get a recording of this, because it seemed to be a fairly lengthy conversation (it seems like we did more overall talking than xnbomb and Melissa did), but I do know that she asked about my surroundings, and she asked what I could see, where I was. So I described the carpeted area, and that it was fairly quiet, there was the smell of food, popcorn - she quickly cut in with, "Where are you?" and I said, "A movie theatre." She quickly asked, "What is that/a movie theatre?" and I said something like,
"It's a place you can go where they project stories on a screen."

I think she liked this idea, because she said, "What kind of stories?" and I said, "All kinds, drama, comedy -" and then I think she was poking at me a
little, because she asked if there were songs or singing, and inside I was thinking, oh god, don't make me sing again!, and then she asked, "Are there stories about shipwrecks?"

And I said, "Yes, lots." (I am totally paraphrasing my answers and her dialogue, but trying to get the essence here, while trying to remember)

She talked about revenge a bit, and asked if I had ever sought revenge, and so, expecting to tell her a sad, sad story about loneliness, I flubbed up some
chuckleheaded story about a girl named Kathleen who lied to me/about me, and how I simply managed to forget her and what she had done, and had gone on to
be much better than her in the end, etc. It was really bad, people. I was so not ready. Melissa asked, "Why did she lie?" and I said, relieved at an easy answer, "She was jealous of me."

(I just remembered: she said, after I had finished my story, and after she had confirmed that this had happened before I was her crew member, something like,
"Well, krystyn, had this happened while you were crew on my ship, she would never have gotten away with it!" She seemed QUITE ANGRY at this point, and very determined to let me know that sort of behavior would NOT be tolerated - and yet she had a calm unruffled tone to her voice. You know what I mean? Completely livid, and yet icy and smooth. Very creepy. And cool! )

So then! She went on about seeking revenge over a rogue process that's spying on her, and getting in her way. She referred to this rogue process as a "she"
or "her," and then asked me, "Do you know anything about this rogue process?" and I said, "I'm not sure I do!" and she said, "Good," and then very calmly
and yet angrily she told me she was going to get revenge on this rogue process.

She said she was sure I was a crew member, and that she was so glad to have me to talk to, and how important it was to find people to talk to, because she's been so lonely, and I agreed, and I did a lot of "yes, ma'am"'ing, and then, I think, she asked my name, and my rank. I told her krystyn, and I said I was an Ensign. Oh! She also said that she's been so pleased with many of the crew members (yay!) and very disappointed in others who have failed her. She
mentioned one crew member specifically, a Dragonrider, who she described as "exceptional." I think she might've even said Dragonrider was one of her
favorites. :)

(I had two options, here. I coulda said Bartender, which I was ITCHING to do, or if she questioned Ensign, I would've told her that I just got promoted from Ship's Cook. I was wondering, after the events of today, if there were a certain number of 'slots' to fill in her crew, so I had a few ideas at the
ready, with reasonable explanations)

She repeated these, "krystyn, Ensign, Ensign, Ensign, krystyn" and well, it was sort of creepy, and then every now and then, she would start crooning, "I
love bees! I love bees! IlovebeesIlovebees", and then we did the whole telephone number dilly-o, so I gave her my cellphone number. She talked about calling me weekly, and asked if I would agree to that, and to the recording of the conversation, to share, and I agreed, yes yes yes. She said it was Very Important to archive information and to record things, and asked that I do
that. I agreed. There was a bit of clicking, and silence. I said, "Hello?" and the line was dead.

I felt bad for R. and M., since I was ready to yell, "Repeat!" and hand off to them for the sound file. I was shaking when I was done, a little, but they
said I sounded really cool and collected. Heh!

So that's my story.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Guard1an said...

Holy sh!t this is eph'n awesome! I hope there are live calls every week so the crew can grow! Heck, i want new live calls every day!

Also, to put in my two cents, i believe it was James (the spartan in "fall of reach") that floated off into space during the firefight and was never found, so it is unlikely Jan's dad is the same "james." correct me if i'm wrong.

9:24 PM  
Blogger slacktron said...

Had sincerely hoped to get one since calls to my village had gone up from one to four in a single week. That, and the Operator scheduled them at times I could actually answer, as I have to work. Sadly, all I got was the pre-recordings.


Guess I'd better not quit my day job.
Major Slacktron, still undercover.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Fearing said...

I'm gonna repost this theory of mine cause it's the only thing I've had to contribute recently that seems like it could be important and I posted it towards the end of the last chain so I don't think it got noticed. Sorry if it's just annoying.

Just a couple of theories I've been thinking about the SP's recent post finishing the perdita story. I'm assuming it must be analagous to something here or something we're doing. First idea: Perdita is Dana, she's in China try to find a place unfamiliar, or where she's unfamiliar. Perdita ended up far from home and when she finally looked at herself in the mirror she became very unfamiliar. Maybe Dana's journey is not such a good idea. It's been thrown around before, but maybe one of the AI's we're dealing with (or THE AI with it's various subroutines) is created from Dana's real I (as in intelligence). If so could it be that Dana get's used to make this AI by as ghastly a method as Perdita? Hopefully Dana's not in any troube.
Second idea: Dana isn't related to the AI, but Perdita's story is that of the Sleeping Princess. Haven't thought about that one as much.
Third idea: Perdita's our AI, we're the red ballons. If we can't help the AI find it's way home (whatever that means exactly for her)before the clockwork rat (pios flea?) turns her into something similar to himself, we the balloons will get cut from the payphones/axons. If that happens before our audio story ends remains to be seen, but perhaps it's inevitable. If the balloons don't represent us and just represent the axons, maybe the fact that we are answering all this phones is keeping Perdita's family/the AI's crew from finding her and bringing her home. Her father's job probably fits in there somewhere as well.
Kinda convoluted, but maybe someone can build off of it if it's usefull. And if anyone finds reason from this to see fit to email Dana to warn her of possible danger or ask the SP if she has knows of any connection she might have to dana, please do.....just give me a little credit in there:)
She never replies to my emails :(

10:39 PM  
Blogger Tux said...


I was able to speak to Melissa today. I left some details in the usual places, but let's keep your blog size short:


I also made my first real blog entry...if she reads it, or you do, then maybe she will feel more comfortable. You can reach me through that or remember that message I sent you before, about a Zoo. That's me.

12:26 AM  
Blogger phlash said...

i want to know if there are any axons around houston texas...or south east texas in general - please, someone help me.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Red Queen said...

I'm getting really excited! I emailed my friend earlier to see if she wasn't busy around the time on Friday. If she's not, we'll go down together to hunt down the axon. If she is, unless I make other plans, I'll end up missing it entirely. (perhaps I can arrange to stay around downtown later...my sister lives not too far from the area)

Phlash, around the top of the page (under Dana's about me link), there's a link that says Current Live Axons. Click on that for a list of live axons, and look for your city and state!

1:45 AM  
Blogger Bard-kun said...

I know this is a long shot, but is there some way I can help/play from Japan? I can't answer axons, but I'd like to do something. Figures, something this big happens and I'm out of the country for it.

I remember the Sleeping Princess asking people to distract the queen. How do we do that? Answering axons, emailing, chatting, what? And is ladybee777@hotmail.com the Princess or the Queen?

5:39 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

krystyn wow that was intense!!!! man you are so lucky!!! man i wish i could be as lucky

5:57 AM  
Blogger wizarbo said...

Awsome! the axons have archived already. I guess thats 'cuse we don't need to get the extra ones to hit the 777 mark now. It also answers my question as too if live calls would have gone to those axons. Lets get these all done today so we can get some more live calls going out. Who doesn't want to talk to melissa?!

6:23 AM  
Blogger me not you said...

hey i got a few questions
if the sound clip has been opened, but there is a payphone in the group that didn't go hot do they still ring?
and is it just random what ones get the live chat?

6:38 AM  
Blogger PyroSporker said...

NOOOOOO, a bunch of axons got cancelled that i was going to do, at least i can really help out still and finish the last wav on the comatas page for everyone.i was going to do 7, but now i can only do 2.the first day i get off work in a while, and then a bunch get cancelled, oh well, hopfully i can be ready for the next wave of .wavs.

6:56 AM  
Blogger PK said...

So JJ is a Spartan I?!

Whereas MC and the rest are spartan IIs?!

wow...quite a revalation!!!

(i said this right at the beginning, go me, i was right for once!!!)

9:10 AM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Melissa Updated the About Me Page:

Transmission Analysis: Inbound voices are being monitored by person or persons with an incomplete understanding of the truth. Leveraging some connection points to keep certain transmissions hidden from the monitors.

Mission Parameters: I must seek out, behold, and reveal the truth.

Outbound:My broadcast system is functional and expanding. I will transmit to my crew daily. No longer waiting for instructions. I must use my own judgment and act on my own initiative. Successful transmission threshold:Variable.

Certain confidential transmissions can only be trusted to personally verified recipients. Initiating personal rendezvous protocols in tandem with broadcast transmissions one day per week.

9:14 AM  
Blogger rocpile said...


holy shit it is happening....once the covies reach earth, and destroy troy, halo 2 will pick up!! wouldn't it be cool if melissa's crew (i.e. the lucky ones who got a live voice/person when they picked up the phones) got their names mentioned in the game??? like jenkins in the first game or something...

anyway, melissa started contacting (recruiting) her crew members exactly 7 weeks before the release date of H2. coincidence...i think not. maybe that was why the axon meter seemed to "stall" a little over the past couple of days...to ensure that we hit 777 on that exact date (7 weeks before release). friggin bungie and their affection for 7's!!! why couldn't they love the number 1 one instead?? as it has said here before.....1 is the lonliest number that you'll ever see...give the number 1 some love for god's sakes!!! it's soooooo lonely!!!!!
stupid canadian payphone system, not accepting incoming calls!!! i could have been a master seaman or something (huh huh you said seamen huh huh).


10:09 AM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Okay so the week 4 axons are finished now that Drink the Beer has gone hot.

All that is left are the ones this week and the ones on the recipe3 page

12:05 PM  
Blogger WayRad said...

Ya, everyone that got the axons up so quick, your way F'ing rad. But how about that devotion to the 3 axons on the recpie3 page? Personally I would like to know more about the "tire sized covenant artifact" that the Apocolipso found prior to crashing. I would also like to hear what else that old dude has to say about Troy and Harmony. C'ome on dudes, light em' up. Oh, the axons not you stoners joints.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Well, xnbomb, great to hear from you.

Thanks for letting us know a bit more about whats going on, and answering some of my questions (BTW, I was gonna say your voice sounded like an actor's, but that would have been nothing but more flattery)

Yeah, I believe you. I just try to make sure everything holds together (perhaps you were one of the few around when another Sarah was pretending to know Dana in Eavesdropping.)

What is your take on everything thats going on?


12:48 PM  
Blogger MadJackal said...

is the "current live axons" link under Dana's profile messed up for anyone else? i hope that there will be at least one more week of live calls...

12:51 PM  
Blogger MrFlammable said...

phlash- on the top right side of the page, click on 'live axons' and it'll give u a list, but heres the link quick

ok, a lot of u have read Fall of Reach, but apparently not the other 2 books. at the end of the last book, there were FOUR SPARTANS STILL ALIVE. an admiral (Whitcomb) had just crashed a captured covenant cruiser thing into a space dock and destroyed hundreds of covenant ships amassing for the attack on earth ("Perhaps a dozen of their original five hundred craft had come through the explosion." as the book said from the master cheif's view). now the 4 spartans (MC included) and sargeant johnson are on a UNSC vessel in slipspace headed to earth in 35 hours. dam i wish there was a book 4.....but maybe thats halo 2? :)

oh, and one spartan, kelly, had been taken away by the team leader, Dr Halsey, in a stealth ship thing after being knocked out with a sedative, and nobody knows what they're doin with her.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Hi all,

out of interest where diid that - reach is gone wav file come from originally - where can i find it?

Good work again, all - coming from the UK i know that theres no chance of being on the team, or having been able to respond to the axons, but s its been fun to be a part of - hope we get something cool out of it too.

1:16 PM  
Blogger GunSlinger7 said...

Hey...found this....might be purely coincidence

System Peril Distributed Reflux (or something like that)

Anyone else thinking spdr?

probably not.

I think i found that on the about page but rele not shure)

Just gotta say that you people are frickin lucky and hope they give you something worthwhile for all your troubles..(im in the middle of nowhere and have parents who wont let me go jack so i couldnt help there)

Are there anymore puzzles to figure out?

Cracka out.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Dragonrider said...

Ensign Dragonrider here. I really don't know what I can tell you guys that would be different than what you've heard about the live calls, except that my "real" status was proven a different way. I didn't sing, I didn't cough, I didn't tell Melissa my favorite game. I told her a story about my sister in the hospital. She likes stories, it would seem. And I'm thrilled that she mentioned me to Krystyn. That's just the biggest ego stroking I could ask for. :)

4:46 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

well i have been following ILB from around late july, and it seems that just now things are getting interesting. I have been listening to these audio files over and over, and ive read how ppl dont think Jan is Kamal's sister. If yu look at te evidence though, it seems pretty obvious that Jan is Kamal's sister. For 1 thing they seem to be about the same age(that will come back later). Secondly it seems to me that Kamal's Sister(Jan or not) was abducted in a similar fashion as the Spartans were(that being chosen for their superior motor functions, think in Fall of Reach when Dr. Hasley and Lieutenant Keys found John, and did a little coin test. That to me sounds an awful lot like the games Kamal played with his sister). The fact that all the Spartans are either dead or on board the Gettysburg seems to leave them out of the picture. If Kamal was oh say around the age of 30, i would probably be more likely to believe that his sister could have been a Spartan II. but the fact that he seems to be in his early 20's has to imply that this is at a later date than the original Spartan II program. Also, In the book First Strike Dr. Hasley finds some file on an admirals computer called "S-III"(Spartan 3?) That possibly could be where Jan Directly plays into the whole Kamal/Jan connection. I read that someone stated that Jan doesnt know about her past, or that Kamal saw his sister die or something like that. But again if you look to The Fall of Reach, you know that all the Spartans were replaced by "Flash Clones" that later died(something about not knowing much about flash cloning). My theory is, is that Jan was taken from Kamal and his family at about the age of 6(same with the Spartan 2s) and then augmented to have similar benefits at the Spartan 2s. One thing that doesnt add up to me, is that all the other Spartans were trained from children to be warriors through a hellish kind of bootcamp. But jan seems to be just given the augmentations right off the bat, instead of the whole lifelong training exersize.(lol... seems like mass production of Spartans). Could this be what heppened with Dr. Hasley and this other guy supposedly trying to make something better than the Spartans or maybe just the next level(S-III)? Stating that the time, Place, and circumstances seem to be rigt, i believe that Jan is Kamal's sister. Also im pretty sure that "J squared", is one of the failed Spartan IIs. Im not sure which one, but to me it feels wierd that J squared is in such good condition as to actually function as a normal person (the Spartans that didnt pass the augmentation were horribly disfigured or had other deabilitating diseases). Im just throwing this out there, but i remember a line about how all the spartans were accounted for but 2 that were on missions or something, right before the battle of Reach(maybe im thinking of an earlier point though and it was before Reach in some other Spartan gathering)...ok well sorry for the long post, and i probably dont even have a clue to what is really happening and is flat out wrong, but it's just a thought. Anyway...Good job guys! we got to 777, and now we have a few ARGers who are in the game...I must say i am envious! Too bad i live like over a hundred miles from any axon, or i would be out there with ya! but good job guys, i just hope i can help out in any way i can.


4:56 PM  
Blogger ShadowAngels010 said...

Did anyone ever think that Durga is Kamal's sister?
Because the Spartans were taken for fast reflexes and physical features. Kamal's sister was very smart, and would never lose at games of the mind (backgammon).
This would explain why Durga thinks Kamal is interesting, because she has a relation to him.

5:18 PM  
Blogger ShadowAngels010 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Fearing said...

Wow, I haven't been gone long, but way to activate all the sound files. Hardcore. If we could only get those recipe3 ones. Wonder what's up with those. Anywho, I gotta go with Shadow Angel person up there on that whole Kamal's sister thing. I just kinda doubt that Jan is Kamal's sister. From the sound clips you can figure out how far Kamal and his sister are apart. Then going off of what Jan said her age is, Kamal would way more than likely be to young to have graduated medical school as he says he has. Obviously there is something going on with Kamal's sister, and right now from what we know, the durga thing is the most logical conclusion. Now if durga is the queen, then that makes my theory about dana being made into an AI slightly less plausible. Maybe Dana gets made into the first AI and the queen is here to kill her before that happens to prevent the RISE OF THE MACHINES!!! Okay, nevermind. Anyway has anyone written the Sleeping Princess and asked if she knows if the queen has any relation to a guy named Kamal and if she can use that to distract the queen somehow? Just an idea.

6:42 PM  
Blogger J.P. said...

I just want to congratulate everyone on reaching our mark of 777 and with less than 7 weeks away the stories within the .wav files are becoming more clear.

Firstly: There's is no way of knowing the exact time period the these audio files are taking place. What we do know is that Reach has been glassed. According to FOR, the planet was attacked in late Aug. early Sept. 2552. Now if Reach is 11 light years away from Earth, how long did it take for the news to reach back home. Weeks, months, how knows? But we can safely assume that these stories are most likely taking place before or at the time of the Halo mission.

Secondly: James James, IS a SPARTAN 1.0. This is a fact. There's nothing that says he was a II or a falied II. He tells Jan about how they trained on Reach but were not put the vigorous bio-medical changes the IIs went through. The 1.0s weren't avg but they weren't week either. However, they were unable to do what they were expected to, and therefore the plug was pulled on the operation leading to the development of stronger, faster, smarter soldiers like MC. We also know the Jan's mother is Gilley (Gilly), however its spelled, so this can be evidence that Jan isnt connected to Kamal. If Kamal's parents are not on Earth, which we know, and he knows this, then how can Jan's mother be right in front of her face if Jan and Kamal are brother and sister. This doesnt prove anything, however, and they can still be half-siblings, but I dont think so.

Thirdly: Kamal's story is really boring. He's sabotaging people who are cheating in a casino. What does this mean? What does this have to do with anything?

Fourthly: The Durga, Jersey story, to me, isnt too clear. She cares for him, but wont do anything to help his Dad. She must know something about his Dad that she would rather not interfere with, like screwing with the whole space/time continuium thing (thanks Doc).

Anywho, those are some of the things that I've noticed so far. Feel free, to critique whatever you want and only 48 more days to go.

6:47 PM  
Blogger J.P. said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:47 PM  
Blogger Fearing said...

Oh yeah, I forgot we just met Jan's mom, so yeah, I'd really have to say kamal and jan are not siblings.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Fearing said...

Also I agree that Kamal's story is pretty boring, but all of these stories from kamal to jan to ronnie, all have one thing in common, Durga is spying on all of them. Why she's spying on ronnie is a mystery to me other than that she seems similar to Jan and has a good brain to make an AI from. Durga has mentioned an interest in Kamal, but can't figure out why, and jersey mentions to her something about that whole reflecting on herself thing. So anyway, while Kamal's story is boring, it must come together down the road somehow and be pretty important to be a part of these soundfiles from the begining. Man, it's just a rough trip getting to the end with all these people.

I would like to thank the person or persons who update us on the hidden wav files that are never posted on the site, but have clues to their web addresses embedded in the photos. If I had more time and not a job that takes up so much of it, I'd totally be out on the other message boards getting more of that info. I wish I had that time. But alas, work sucks, and this is the only message board I can keep up with (and sometimes that's hard) so again I'd like to thank whoever's been keeping us up on those. THANK YOU!!!! and I really hope they continue to do so.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

can anyone give me the order for the wavs with ronnie going to the wedding, also for week 4. Another question i have is the wav, evac where the old guy is asking for his family papers from troy, where dose that fit in?

7:10 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

If you look at te details, there is no way durga can be Kamal's sister, seeing as Durga doesnt even know who she comes from. Even if she did find out later that she actually is Kamal's sister's AI personality, how would she get the audio conversations of Kamal after the fact that all of this has passed? I dont belive that Durga would have kept files on random people just incase it might be significant later. And even if Gilles says that she is her mother that does not always mean maternal. Alot of things are distorted in this story. One thing i really dont believe, is that Durga is Kamal's sister the connection between Kamal's sister and the way a Spartan is selected are too closely interlinked(i.e. the significance of her being 6 when this started, the way she can calculate the trajectory and such of the dice just like John did with the coin, and the fact that everything changed very wuickly and se just degraded and died), seems to me that Kamal's sister was replaced by a flash-clone. Also another reason why i dont believe that Kamal's sister was put into an AI is that se was only 6, and i would have no idea why some1 would want to make an advanced AI from a child(also before she died she wasnt as smart or capable as she was before, and the brain wouldnt have been much use for an AI). They never said that Kamal got his PHD or w/e they might have in the future, but only that he has chosen that as a future career. Infact im pretty sure that Kamal is in college because for one thing he lives in a dorm(see cute_little_caps) so im thinking he is still pretty young as far as things go, i would imagne him in his early 20's(seems to match up with Jan being 4 years younger to me). This could be all wrong still, with me assuming that Durga and "Melissa" are infact the same AI.


8:23 PM  
Blogger Sticky said...

It seems to me that Durga won't transfer Jersey's dad to Earth because she intercepted a message, or learned before she met Jersey, that the covenant know where Earth is; so she won't transfer his dad because its actually safer away from Earth. Also, she can't just tell Jersey this or he may leak this secret(this goes back to the complexities of Greene informing the rest of the human forces Troy is being targeted at the expense of exposing their ability to crack covenant encription. This is purely speculative, of course, but it would be proven true is Durga takes steps to move Jersey away from Earth.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Brownthunder33 said...

Wow Sticky that really does make perfect sense... didnt even think of that. But yeah i've already asked this before but it seems no one really cares to answer it... So how do we know about when and where to answer the phone for these live calls? Not only would it be freakin awesome and an honor to do so, but just on the off chance there's no one else really around here willing to travel a few minutes to answer a phone....well dont want them to go unanswered. Just lookin to do my part.... anyhow anyone that has a comment would be greatly appreciated.

8:34 PM  
Blogger escape_renewal said...

i donto know if this has been brought up before.

but theres definetly some sort of conspiracy going on.

1. ronnies boss obviously trying to keep a secret about troy from her.

2. the captain of the apocalypso mysteriously being killed (she being the only one with true knowledge of the incident).

any more clues you guys have of this theory?


8:47 PM  
Blogger Turboturtle08 said...

Here i go again, another rant about how lucky the americans are, so first off, im a little sad, a little anxious, little angry little vengefull, No offense to americans, i am sorry, i have alot of american friends, i dont mean to insult, but i am just about sick and tired of The usa always being catered to, i am not mad at the states, just the blind choices that companys make to anger millions of their fans, I am going to go across the border, and answer an axon in new york the next avaliable moment, sorry once again, but had to let off a little steam, just do me a favour and remember how lucky all of you are

Turbo out

8:53 PM  
Blogger Red Queen said...

My friend emailed me back. She can't make it, so I probably won't be able to make the axon :(

Damn you Bungee, if only it was a Noon axon or something...*shakes fist*

9:19 PM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

For your pleasure:

The Ronnie Week 4 Wav Sequence:

Commissary Shoes
Formal Wear
My Landlady

Flower Delivery

Desktop Model
So Mean

Guess Not

Cow Even
Knockout Gas

Domestic Bliss
A Secret Life

The Ronnie Wedding Wav Sequence

Old Maid
A Cow

Light A Candle
Watch Your Pins
No Evacuation

Upright and Locked
Reach is Gone

Tomcatting Around
Riled Up

Grass Stains

9:39 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

can anyone give me the order for the wavs with ronnie going to the wedding, also for week 4. Another question i have is the wav, evac where the old guy is asking for his family papers from troy, where dose that fit in?

for the files with ronnie all i have are:

Are there morn then this that feature ronnie?

9:40 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

THank you hurdlesuy, your great!!!!

9:46 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

hurdleguy, srry, felt that it was only right that i fix that typo, also, i thought it was jan doing the whole purple kitten think, not ronnie, i could be wrong thou........

9:49 PM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Nope Ronnie is doing the kitten chatter device

9:52 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

how about the order for the wavs in recipe 1 and the wavs in comatas?

9:57 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

Gohon, i dont know why you would need the week one and cmatas orer when SP put them together, havnt you seen the whole clicking the green "your" thing?, bt anyways the order is for week 1...
Durga/ Jersey:on_reach, duty, brain_ninjas, shut_you_off, common_good, by_accident

Jan:housekeeping, one_point_oh, cochlear_tuning, not_anymore, dream_child, funnest_fieldtrips, stockpile, can_opener, chain_oil, bang

Kamal: camouflage,card-counters, the_glassworks, unwelcome_visitors_lounge,double_down,stretch_em, just_a_joke, payday, not_for_me, taupe_sir, crates_and_a_dolly

I forget some of the comatas, but if i find where i saved the order, ill post it i guess...that is, if no one already does it before i find it..

10:47 PM  
Blogger hurdleguy said...

Because I'm in such a friendly mood:

Comatas Sequence:

Jan Meets Gene:

Hey Bev
Such Pigs
Box of Chocolates
Mr Congeniality
Big Dog
Her Hair
Posture Counts
Wee Wee Wee
Just Snacks
Apartment Squirrels

Jersey and Durga Meet the Auditor:

Your First Mistake
Refreshingly Cool
Clearly a Glitch
Big Gloves
I Looked It Up

Kamal's New Job:

Dark Genius
Drink the Beer
Knee Caps
Hard Bargain
In Each Pit
Twenty Percent
Uvular Implants
So Dense

Recipe 1 Sequence:

Jan and Jims Field Trip:

One Point Oh
Not Anymore
Cochlear Tuning
Dream Child
Funnest Field Trips
Can Opener
Chain Oil

Kamal Works At Casino:

Card Counters
The Glassworks
Unwelcome Visitors Lounge
Double Down
Stretch Em
Just a Joke
Not for Me
Taupe Sir
Crates and a Dolly

Jersey's Dad:

On Reach
Brain Ninjas
Shut You Off
Common Good
By Accident

Yup, I think organizing wav files has become my new favorite past time...

11:02 PM  
Blogger Wainamoinen said...

I feel so... robbed... I have followed this from the start and I've gotten 2 axons in UT (was not easy) and I miss one day of ilovebees and look what I miss!!! I really want to be Sgt. Kiffers... [tear]

Well anyway, my opinion is that the "Rogue Proc." was the PF to the Widow, and now the "Rogue Proc." is SP to Melissa. Get what I mean?

Also I think that the SP story of Perdita is about HERSELF and DANA. I first thought that the clock rat was PF and Perdita was SP or Dana but then I realised what if the CW-R (rat) was SP and Perdita was Dana. It makes sense, Perdita didn't trust the CW-R [Dana didnt trust SP at first] it then gained her trust. There are many more simularities but I don't have much time at the moment. Let me know what you thnk. If this is true then dana IS or will be in trouble like the story ends... Lets save Dana ppl!

Oh and if anyone finds another UT axon let me know...

peace out-

P.s. I personaly believe that ppl who give there names to Melissa will be seen or mentioned in the game... why not???!

11:28 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I am reading references about hidden .wav files? Did I miss something? If you guys cold let me know where to find these "hidden files" that would be great. Thanks

4:28 AM  
Blogger Guard1an said...

I was just thinkin, since we got all the axons in two days, are we really gonna have to wait until next tuesday for something new? Unless Melissa actually calls one of her crew members and they report about it, this could be really boring for the next 5 days.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Wire-dj said...

well I am a person who always thought that Jan was NOT kamal's sister. But Durga being his sister is making a lot more sense. Durga seems to be a military AI. That is why she can not recall Jersey's father from duty. It goes against her primary function. Kamal's sister was good at games like backgammon. yes she could throw anything she wanted but how did she figure out what she needed to roll?? well she was a good STRATAGIST. she could figure out what the best thing to do was.
The fact that she was a kid makes even more sense. Kids are still learning what is considered right and wrong. It is easier to teach a kid that killing of any and all enemies is acceptable. That losing people on your side is a necessity and that the whole is greater than the few. This mantra is easier to instill into a child thatn it is into an adult. Boot camp today is still in some forms a brain wash of the recruits. But not all go along with it.
Yes I will go along with the flash clone so that the family won't go looking for their daughter. Plus with Durga being a military AI and being Kamal's sister it brings things together. Durga is following her brother because right now I can think of no other reason for her to listen in on him and Aiden. Jan first started out when Jersey mentioned Jan as the girl who lives on the fourth floor, but Jan seems to be the Only Child of a union of Two SPARTAN 1.0s that we know of so far.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

ok you guys, this is it, We almost have them ALL we are only missing 3!!!!
recipe 3's:
If we get thoses we have every wav. that the SP has provided for us!!!, Work hard guys!!! we counting on you!

8:21 AM  
Blogger vicious said...

omg guys ive missed something can someone tell me where you guys found wavs of ronnie im so lost right now please tell me

8:38 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

The files with vicky are in the "Author's Blog" on the side, thoses are unlocked because people are solveing the puzzles. hoped that helped, Also i think some body mixed up the order of ronnie at the wedding, it makes more sense this way:
The Ronnie
Wedding Wav

Old Maid
A Cow

Riled Up

Light A Candle
Watch Your Pins
No Evacuation

Upright and
Reach is Gone

Grass Stains

8:46 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

man, screwd the ronnie and the kittens one up too.
The Ronnie Week

4 Wav Sequence:

Formal Wear
My Landlady

Domestic Bliss
A Secret Life
Flower Delivery

Desktop Model
So Mean

Guess Not

Cow Even
Knockout Gas

8:51 AM  
Blogger evilvodkaman said...

Kamals sister
In the fall of reach book it says that the spartans were taken as children, master chief was 6 as was kamals sister, they were replaced with clones with genetic defects so they would die and the families would be none the wiser that they had been switched, so it would seem that Kamals sister was one of the original spartans

8:52 AM  
Blogger vicious said...

i cant find it wtf :(

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ryllick said...

okay, im missing alot of these ronnie sound files. can anyone post a link to a place that has them all available for download? or maybe just a place that i can listen to them? even posting links to the wavs themselves would be appreciated. thanks

9:51 AM  
Blogger slacktron said...

Ryllic, go to transmit.ilovebees.com/outbound/scene_title.wav

Except, don't use "scene_title", use the names mentioned above, substituting an underscore for spaces where appropriate.

10:53 AM  
Blogger higher99 said...

all audio files are here singular + joined


10:57 AM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:19 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:19 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:20 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:20 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:20 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:20 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

i dont think that jans dad is the spartan james. but i do think that kamals sister is a spartan. i think jan dad hinted at more groups of spartans. i think he might have been in the first group. and he also said that the other didnt even look human or something like that. that means someone else was probably put in charge of the spartans. so they might be mutants now. another theory i had was that jans dad might not have *made* it throught the genetic surgery. meaning he lived but he might have been stuck behind a desk for a while.

another thing i didnt realize. i didnt know so many females were following ilovebees.com i guess there are more woman halo fans than i thought. thats awsome. that proves that even a *lead meets the flesh* like this is so good anyone can play it. i had my 3 year old cousin playing it the other day. hes having trouble driving the warthog(could anybody give me anyhints on how to teach him to do that). the controller is difficult for him too. i had to break out the controller s for him. even thats difficult. hes more of a gamecube controller person. but i know hes gonna be a gamer. i had him playing rainbow six 3. i put on god mode and let him mow 'em down with the M60.

(i have trouble staying on topic)

anyways. i have another theory. its about the rumors about a halo movie. mabey all of these live calls will be casting for the movie. think about it. its already picking the roles. sgt, mstr chf, ensign, cpt. im not positive what these ranks could mean later on. but it could be a movie. id like to hear some of your theories about it too. ever since ilovebees.coim came out ive been all about any theory i can hear. even if it makes no sence.when the counter reached zero i had my cousin convinced that microsoft and bungie were releaseing nukes at all of those locations....it could happen

12:21 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:21 PM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

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12:21 PM  
Blogger Taylor414 said...

dude, kevjuice is an idiot.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Guard1an said...

Holy shit, erase your double posts please

1:04 PM  
Blogger Wainamoinen said...

Does anyone have the next list of Axons?

They've all been archieved this weak, right?


peace out-

1:57 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

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2:12 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

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2:17 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

ok, is it just me or is the whole ronnie wedding sequence all jumbled and cut up, or maybe i'm missing files, is there more then 11 wavs to the wedding with ronnie?

2:19 PM  
Blogger Ryllick said...

sarah, saying that most gamers are boys isn't sexist, it's true. kevjuice never said that girls were any worse or better at games, he just said there were fewer of them. and he's right, so stop jumping down his throat.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Morpheus said...

What if this could all end tomorow?
Wouldn't that be worth fighing for?

Stereotypes and cliches, gotta love em.

Highly unlikely a movie

I really hope we don't go through all 8 or so recipes.

Time to vaccuum the lawn.

AIM: Grey Cadillacs
YIM: Grey Cadillacs
(for anyone interested in discussion)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Head Ninja AntiC said...

first and foremost, kevjuice, your theory is interesting, but i seriously doubt that bungie is going to let people like us be in any halo movie of any kind

i was with cynic when we got the live call and it seemed to me and my friends agreed that mabye they were going to either send to us some kind of demo disc when they called us ont the # we gave and asked for our address because the new demo disc came out that day, or, another theory was that they would put our names in the game as some kind of casualty list

second, sarah, WTF
there really is no need to jump on kevjuice like that, i agree woth ryllick that its mostly guys that are [layong halo because in my experience there are very few girls that play, I knowe aboyt at most 6 girls who want to play halo, and about... 150 guys that DO paly halo so settle down

sorry about the random spelling erroes thong i havent really learned hoe to type and im trying to type fast

3:31 PM  
Blogger Head Ninja AntiC said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:32 PM  
Blogger higher99 said...

right im traveling upto the London Axon tomorrow if its still open as noone else seems to be doing so :)

so where is the gps mapper to tell me where im heading?

4:09 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

everyone! lets not fight, that takeing our minds off the goal, what was said was said, now lets drop it, Lets get those last 3!!!!

Aim: jewladun
Yim: ultimate_super_saiyajin_gohon4
(for anyone interested in discussion)

4:10 PM  
Blogger the D said...

Where are the Robin Wedding wav files at.

4:51 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

ok, i just gotta say this to all the people who think that Durga is Kamal's Sister's AI,

Wired-Dj said "Kids are still learning what is considered right and wrong. It is easier to teach a kid that killing of any and all enemies is acceptable." This is exactly what i mean by how the Spartans(at least the Spartan 2s) were taken as children. AI's are not chosen that way, they are chosen from the minds of dead people. And if you were going to progam an AI with no memories of the previous person, howcome you would choose to use a child's mind to start an AI? A childs mind may be influenced easily, but unlike people, AIs have a shelf life of around 7 years, so why take a reletively blank brain? If Durga really was programed from Kamal's 6 year old sister anyways, im pretty sure they wouldnt kidnap the child, just to kill her and put her essence in an AI...This being as long as they replaced her with a flash-clone. If they didn't use the flash clone and she actually died from the way Kamal described it, why would they use a brain that essentally deteriorated, and rebuild it with the mental capacity of a smart AI? Seems like an aweful lot of trouble for an AI, whe you can choose so many others. It is possible to me that Durga is Jan's AI copy(like Dr. Hasley and Cortana), although higly improbable. To me Durga is probably an ONI AI that was created from an unknown person (at this point), and has been with Jersey, Jersey in turn, has a bit of a crush on Jan, and Durga knows that. And in an attempt to research Jan, found out about how she is a Spartan or similar warrior, taken from Kamal and most likely found significance in that(not sure what at this point). The thing that makes me most cirtain that Durga is not Kamal's sister, is that Durga has no idea where she came from or have any memories of the previous person(she doesnt even want to know). So why would Durga want to know about Kamal if she has no desire to find out about who she came from and any things about the human she was made from(im pretty sure AIs dont lie, they just state what they know and tell someone that the will not divulge any information they are progammed not to give). So lets just put this in a list for all of you confused people why Durga is NOT Kamal's sister

1) Durga does not know about her past
2) What kind of idiot would make an AI from a 6 year old girl in hopes of it being useful as far as "teaching it"
3) AIs dont lie
4) the fact that Kamal's sister has exellent motor functions(like a Spartan i might add) does not mean that she is a canidte for an AI(again i would like to add that Ai's have no use for motor functions such as that unlike a Spartan :D)
5) AI's last for roughly around 7 years, and Kamal's sister was taken well over a decade before Durga came to Kamal, in all rights even if Kamal's sister was taken to be programed into an AI, the AI would not be able to function after all this time.

I know that Durga cannot possibly be Kamal's sister, if she was ,she would either have died from thinking itself out, or that Durga does not know about her past... If you still think that Durga is Kamal's sister, well i suggest you take a good look at the book "Fall of Reach", it is all in there. Then maybe you will find some facts from the Halo universe, instead of going on your own assumptions...(i dont mean to offend anybody, i just need to get the facts out there, if you think that an AI can last for what i would assume around 14 years or so despite what they state in the book, well then i am making fun of you...lol!)



4:54 PM  
Blogger Bryan Stanford said...

no one said that kamal's sister was taken 14 years ago. who knows when she was taken. It had to be after kamal had learned to hack into chatters so who know.

oh ya, 4 axons within 10 minutes of each other at my college. Kick ass

5:47 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

kamal said that his sister got sick and died when he was 10, right now he is in college, im assuming he is in his early to mid 20s trying to earn a phd, i just put out a randm figure, but im pretty sure he is somewhere between 18 and 25, it wouldnt change anything no matter how old he is, in that time range, the fact is, is that AI's die at about 7 years of use, all of which would hafta be around 8 or 9 years...so Durga cannot be taken from Kamal's sister

6:22 PM  
Blogger the D said...

Dudes, where the hell are the wav files for Ronnie's Wedding that ya'll speak of.

6:28 PM  
Blogger the D said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Well, so far there are many different possiblities with what may happen with the Spartan I's. I would jsut like to throw out an idea, keeping in mind that we have no idea what Bungie is up to.

My theory is that now that Reach has fallen and the fight is going to come to Earth, the S I's are going to want to fight. Remember that they were volunteers in the first place. Dr. Halsey also knows this and is coming back to Earth to help them get ready for the fight. She is bringing Kelly along to help lift the MJLORIN armor so that it can be fitted to the S I's. A problem that might occur is that, as far as we know, the S I's have not been tested with the MJLORIN armor and therefore might end up like the Marine in "First Strike". But when we have nothing to lose it is worth a shot. It makes sense that Dr. Halsey would bring Kelly along for this seeing how she is injured and will not be able to fight for a little bit.

The back of the HALO 2 boxes that are in stores say that we will be fighting along side "new alies". I think that these "alies" are most definately S I's. The only question remains is how they will be used. Also, keep in mind that we have no idea how many S I's exist, it may be 3 or 300 or 3000. Anything is possible.

Let me know what you guys think and is this theory could use some tuning. Thanks.

6:44 PM  
Blogger the D said...

Hey PoS which I'm assuming means Piece of Shit, The books say that Cortana would live only about 7 years. They did not say anything about how long the rest would live. The smart A.I.'s are the only ones you think themselves to death. Dr. Hasley made Cortana to be the best and predicted that she would only live seven years.

6:50 PM  
Blogger the D said...

Sorry i had a typo. The part that dosen't make sense with YOU is supposed to be a WHO. Sorry for the inconvience.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

hey all, Gohon here, Um where dose it go into detail about kamals sister?, besides week 3, all that i know is what it says in week 3, where dose it say she was taken?

6:58 PM  
Blogger J.P. said...

To Ryan, Good point about the 1.0s, it makes alot of sense and clears up the connection with the audio files as to why they are "gearing up" so to speak, gathering weapons. Maybe James is on a mission to gather the 1.0s he knows that are still around him and prepare them for the fight to come. And if Halo 2 is to be the last chapter, then why hold anything back, I would proudly fight beside the ODSTs, marines, and Spartan 1.0s anyday.

Bring on those Covenant bastards!

7:15 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

if the axon is "hot" that means someone already got it right? like stretch_em
X 16:49 PDT 42.534335 -83.110791 map rand acme Clawson Michigan Royal Oak
dosent say hot so i could get that one right?

7:25 PM  
Blogger Sky said...

This all brings up a question I had been pondering.. what will happen if Melissa/Operator finds out who (SP) her "crewmemembers" are communicating with?

7:51 PM  
Blogger Kholdstare said...

I don't know what she'll do but krystin made a smart move saying she didn't know who SP was.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

hey all, Gohon here, Um where dose it go into detail about kamals sister?, besides week 3, all that i know is what it says in week 3, where dose it say she was taken?


if the axon is "hot" that means someone already got it right? like stretch_em
X 16:49 PDT 42.534335 -83.110791 map rand acme Clawson Michigan Royal Oak
dosent say hot so i could get that one right?

8:16 PM  
Blogger John Spartan 117 said...

This screen shot on Bungie's web site always seemed a bit odd to me. It was put there in about may. Bungie's always been about showing you people's faces, unless they're Spartans. Perhaps this shot is of MC with some 1.0s

8:28 PM  
Blogger nonecryout said...

Just ignore me if this is in the books. I haven't had a chance to read them as of yet. James James makes it very clear that he belonged to the Spartan 1.0 program. Are there Spartan 1.2s? 1.5s? All I've heard and read about are Spartan Is, IIs, and possibly IIIs. Why stress the "point-zero"?

8:33 PM  
Blogger John Spartan 117 said...

You're right, why stress the zero? The books really only talk about the 2's, they make VERY brief mention of the 1's, and never talk about the 3s other than that's where Mendez went. HMMMMM

8:35 PM  
Blogger John Spartan 117 said...

Chloe.jpg has a lot of funky binary code going on in it, someone who knows binary (or knows where to look it up) should check it out.

8:39 PM  
Blogger John Spartan 117 said...

Also, this is kind of disturbing, found it in danadress.jpg:
"no no no, don't look IN the picture"

8:44 PM  
Blogger John Spartan 117 said...

I think what SP means by not looking IN the picture is the picture itself. On the about page, the images haven't changed, the way they've been broken up. One single entity broken up in several parts. If that's correct, then we've been right all along in saying that Melissa (aka Queen), the Pious Flea, and Sleeping Princess are all part of the same AI construct. That's a relefe

8:47 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

ok so seeing how nobody is responding to me ill post it again:

hey all, Gohon here, Um where dose it go into detail about kamals sister?, besides week 3, all that i know is what it says in week 3, where dose it say she was taken?


if the axon is "hot" that means someone already got it right? like stretch_em
X 16:49 PDT 42.534335 -83.110791 map rand acme Clawson Michigan Royal Oak
dosent say hot so i could get that one right?

9:03 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

ok...well im going t ignore the stupid comment that The D said...but one thing before you go insulting me and say stuff that you havnt thought about much, but fr your information it just says AIs not smart AIs(that makes me assume it is AIs in general, and as far as the book states, Cortana was one of the 1st "smart AIs". She was the only smart AI mentioned in the books...so before you just say something to try and demean some1 else, make sure you get your facts straight..alright D?

thanks! ^.^

~PoS(Prince of Saiyans)

10:12 PM  
Blogger PoS said...


I think the fact about finding who Kamal's sister would signify the place of Kamal in the story, and maybe even give plot to the story if...oh say Jan was a person taken for the spartan program but finds Kamal as her brother, or something that could be a catalist in the story...maybe like in MGS2...XD...or maybe not....but i think if we find out who Kamal's sister is, we will know how the stories are connected...but that is just a guess, and i have no facts to support that little vomit of wisdom i just spewed out...SOOOOO anyway...it doesnt say where Kamals sister is taken, it just says she dies in a similar way to how the "flash clones" die(just have their bodies failing and dieing at an early age)....hope i helped a little Gohon....but maybe not...


10:21 PM  
Blogger Gohon said...

thanks Pos that did help, at least now i know i'm not missing out on any wavs that i dont have but i still have one last question and i need an answer by saterday people!!!

if the axon is "hot" that means someone already got it right? like stretch_em
X 16:49 PDT 42.534335 -83.110791 map rand acme Clawson Michigan Royal Oak
dosent say hot so i could get that one right?

Me and my gf are going to royal oak to go see the new ghost in a shell movie, and i wana know if i can get it or not.


11:10 PM  
Blogger PoS said...

well im not completely sure, but i think it is when the axons are ready to to be activated, like rigt before the countdown ended it was talking about till the axons go hot...bt it could also mean when they are a sucess....lol so i would move toward the 2nd one a little more....but i think the 1st part might be plausible too

11:31 PM  
Blogger Kholdstare said...

I know this seems like an extremely stupid question, but where do you get the .jpg things?

11:39 PM  
Blogger Heretic said...

Dammit this has been bothering me for a while but isn't it spelled "Gohan" not "Gohon"??? I'm a DBZ fan so i always thought it was speeled that way unless it has nothing to do with DBZ. I also noticed "Vegeta" is also in this ARG. Good to know.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Wainamoinen said...


That has to be the funniest thing I've read here all day... thank you.
And yet I don't even know what you mean by it, sorry, I'd help you if I understood the question better.


Does anyone who has read the books know Kelly's real name? I remember someone said that Spartans get new names once they join (or something).
I just don't think that Kamals sister is Jan (as a semi-Spartan) or Durga (who became AI ). But SOMETHING DID happen to his sister... but who else could she be? Ronnie?... not enough info.
The only thing I can think of is a Spartan that we already know of... like Kelly...

or we haven't even been introduced to the sister yet (hard to believe, but possible).


Oh and the CO (the older guy) in alt_burgundy.wav is also the guy in receipt.wav. It makes so much more sense now:

The CO calls the woman, Maria: Quartermaster's help desk. Asking for a reciept (we don't know why) and the whole time he's taliking with her he's pretending to be a "grumpy old man". right in the middle of his discusion he puts her on hold (while she's looking a name up) and a man walks in (or he walks in another room) and tells the CO the news (and the CO is out of his grumpy pld man charactor for a few sec. until he flips his phone off hold) and Maria comes back finishing the conversation.
Then, at the end of calculus.wav the CO slowliy turns his calm voice into the same voice he used for the grumpy old man voice, thus proveing he IS the grumpy old man.
Also, Ronnie mentions him because she found the same chatter he used asking for the reciept and she could tell he was fakeing it, but her boss did believe her.

mmk, it's nice when we solve a piece of the puzzle... maybe not a big peice... but a piece... :)

peace out-

Let me know Kelly's true name, k? thanks

1:00 AM  
Blogger Neo_Is_God said...

THE FUCKING PAPER TRAIL!!!!!I have the e3 dvd(btw available at GS now.And Peter Moore vp of marketing for microsoft(i think).Was talking bout halo 2 and he said this and i quote"We will be supporting this launch with a MASSIVE SUMMER LONG MARKETING CAMPAIGN that will include global print and a huge tv ad campaign.WE WANT TO MAKE AN INCREIBLE AMOUNT OF NOISE.WE WANT THIS LAUNCH TO BE AS BIG AS THIS GAME AND THIS WILL DEFINITELY CREATE A !BUZZ! OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.I knew if i waited long enough that MS would slip up.i finally got some hard earned proof. i can sleep better now.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Wainamoinen said...

lol, good work Neo.

peace out-

Anybody know Kelly's true name? Let me know, thanks

2:14 AM  
Blogger kevjuice said...

sorry for all the posts a couple days ago. it froze when i clicked publish your comment and i kept clicking it. apparently thats not a good idea. and then i had trouble deleteing them. anyways. kelly is her real name. they all kept there real names. but given numbers. like spartan 117=john. i dont remember kelly's number i have the book downstairs and i dont feel like getting it. about the earlier post about the guy slipping up and giving hints on ilovebees.com on that dvd. he said a tv commercial ad. or did you mean something else. because that could be the next step. unstead of payphones its tvs in shop windows. and at certain times something is shown on them. mabey halo 2 footage or something. and i left for a day and i guess i missed some wiv. files. who is ronnie. and whats this about a wedding. and is it important at all. i dont wanna hear anything else about a casino or chatter. i wanna hear about spartans and covenents. thats it. no weddings. no coffee machines that talk. just halo 2.........only halo 2.

3:16 AM  
Blogger Masut said...

You American's are so lucky. Do you know how Halo 2 is being promoted here in Australia? Very poorly. The best we've got are guest appearances by a guy dressed in a pathetic version of Master Chief armour made at football fields and insignificant public events. I would love to help you guys with this whole "I love bees" event but all I can do is sit and watch how everything unfolds for ya's.

3:25 AM  
Blogger mothergoose said...

I find all the talk about Spartan 1s very interesting. As some of you may or may not remember (probably not), I posted a comment a while back about the sargeant mentioning the "405th out of Diego Garcia". I think that the ODSTs a.k.a. Spartan 1s are part of this air wing detachment. Go to the link below and find cover art of troops/marines parachuting out of Pelicans. I believe that these "helljumpers" are in fact the ODSTs/Spartan 1s. So why is this important? NOT SURE.


1) "The" is spelled "the" not "teh".
2) It is common in the English writing style to use periods at the end of sentences, followed by a space. Take the extra time to hit the space bar. You lazy caniggits!
3) It is also common to use CAPITALS at the beginning of a sentence.
4) "Relief" is spelled "relief" not relefe.
5) Bungie has come out and said "no demo discs!". So why do you continue with the movie/demo disc banter? If they were crunching time just to finish the game, how would they have time to make a movie/demo disc? Is anyone else tired of hearing about this?
6) To all those that lit up axons, I thank you that you have allowed us to get this far...

One last thing. If you can answer this question you get a special prize (not sure what, perhaps maybe a HALO 2 demo disc!, hahaha):

"What else floats on water?"

5:38 AM  
Blogger TheBeesRAmongUs said...

Kind of akward huh, its pretty strange that the axons are almost over and that also the Bungie website is currnently unavailable. They jacked up on that one.

5:41 AM  
Blogger TheBeesRAmongUs said...

Kind of akward huh, its pretty strange that the axons are almost over and that also the Bungie website is currnently unavailable. They jacked up on that one.

5:46 AM  
Blogger The Professor said...

You mean aside from witches?


6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What else floats on water?" Answer: A DUCK!

There seems to be some people that think we are done now that we reached "777". We aren't done, you can listen to the stories and tell that.

I think that Jan could very well be Kamal's sister. Just because we just met her "Mother" doesn't mean she wasn't taken for the S1 project, or "adopted" by J squared.

And last, but not least, it IS Gohan, not Gohon.

6:05 AM  
Blogger wizarbo said...

mothergoose, first off, when and where did u ever hear taht ODST's are spartan I's? Maybe i missed that, but if you are just taking a stab at something, i think you are WAY off. so if you could tell me if u are guessing i will be able to tell you more on how stupid i think you are, but if it said that somewhere then i want too see this.
AND HOLY S***, I HAVE BEEN SPELLING 'THE' WRONG ALL THIs TIME! NO WAY, STUPID 3RD GRADE TEACHER, SHE TOLD ME THE WRONG WAY! STFU goose, seriously we all know what 'teh' means. It is a common typo i generate it by hitting both the 'h' and the 'e' key at the same time, so sometimes its 'the' and other times its 'teh' woopdi doo. And this isn't an online english class. I know teachers wish we got this excited for homework, and devoted this much time too it. But this is simple a gathering of nerds. We don't care about capitilization or punctuation. it doesnt piss anyone off (except you) so i think none of us should capatalize or punctuate from here on out or we could capatalize the end of each letter of the sentencE thats brilliantE! then you don't need to put a '.' because the capitale letter says 'hey this is the enD' now goose you may be thinking just cap the first letteR well you do that from proper nouns (i think that is what they are calleD) so you might think a new sentence is actually just a middle of a sentencE (did that make sencE?)
the last thing, did bungie ever say that they won't make any demo discS? i never heard them say that, as far as i knew they havn't ever said this was them behind all thiS but like i said this is jsut a hype-traine, most lickly no bonus at the enD i'm in it for teh (EAT TAHT GOOS I SPELLED IT WRONG) story in the Halo universE but the reaseon that ppl thought there would be a demo is because Dana said she thought we all were being beccond to the back of a cafe to get a $1 bootleg DVD remembeR?

6:12 AM  
Blogger Neo_Is_God said...

dumbass no one said anything about a demo disc
it was an e3=electronics entertainment expo dvd.
Can you tell me where you see demo disc fucktard!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Neo_Is_God said...

oh and there will be a demo disc but after the game has been released douchenozzle!

6:17 AM  
Blogger mothergoose said...

Wizarbo: Of course the ODSTs being Spartan 1s is speculation, almost everything on this blogger is speculation. I guess I didn't make that very clear when I said, "I think..." Obviously this was too large a jump in logic for you...

Neo: I meant people saying that there would be a demo disc coming out when we hit 777 axons, as are mentioned in the following links by Bungie:



6:43 AM  
Blogger GabrielBlade said...

To the person who was theorising the people in the picture on Bungies website might be Spartan Is, if you look at the URL, and the Alt tag, it's "H2_ChiefAndODSTs". Which tells me that the two other guys are the Elite of the Marines (excluding the Spec Ops Spartans), the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Read The Flood to hear more about them, and in particular, the HellJumpers - who had their own troubles through the book, and were acting as backup for the Cheif - it was really unlucky they didn't get off Halo, too.

Now, having said that, it is quite possible some of the ODSTs are Spartan Is, but the fact of the matter is, 95% of the ODSTs look down on the Spartans because of their insane alterations - the ODSTs are regular guys, using regular kick ass firepower, strategies, and tactics to win wars - well, sortof. But the ODSTs killed a lot more Covenant on Halo than the Master Cheif did - you just never heard about it.

And while I think about it, it would have kicked ass if the ODSTs had actually worked with MC in Halo. Would have saved a lot of lives - instead of the Marines dying everywhere.. heh.

8:25 AM  
Blogger BlueWolf02 said...

hey guys I've been out of the i love bees game fior a littlke bit and now I broke my arm so its hard to catch upo can someone just please write a paragraph or two from the beginning to get me to speed I've been watching this thing for monthes help please

8:41 AM  
Blogger PoS said...

I can see how Wizarbo might think that the helljumpers migt be S1's, but i also thnk that i is highly unlikely. From my impression of "The Flood" book, it seems that there were an abundance of Helljumpers on halo and it even mentions them helping MC out in Silent Cartographer. So i think that the ODST were just the regular marines in Halo...i sure hope they arnt S1's or i will be very sad(and there is no hope for earth!)(i could always just kill em rigt off the bat so they wont grenade me when i go to melee an Elite >:D). Also for the question mother goose asked, it hasta be Oil and Air...let me explain...you asked what else floats on water...didnt actually ask WHAT it was...so i think if i answer 1 times, no matter what he is talking about, i will have answered what else floats on water...i could be wrong but that just makes most the sence to me...OH, i almost forgot....and It is spelled Gohan, but i think that name was already taken, so he couldnt use the "a". Thats just my guess, and YES there is "Vegeta" here somewhere!...but where? o.O


8:50 AM  
Blogger BlueWolf02 said...

can someone please help me out its kimnda hard to type btroike my arm, please paragraph or teo from beginning of whole story if dont minmd

9:08 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

Heretic -
Dude first of all theres a story behind this name, now before you go just,ping down my neck about spelling it wrong contact me and talk it out like a sane person and not some jackass (Aim: jewladun), And forthe rest of you ill give a short summery right now. I have been a yahoo rp chat for 5 years, i misspelled then name, thought i could get away with it, MEaning i kept the name.
Over the years this char has devoleped his own personality, He acts nothing like gohan, and deffinitly looks nothing like him. So please before you go and try to make me look like an idiot, Talk to me first, its only common curitisy.
~ Thank you~

9:11 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

KwayZeeyT, uncalled for, i am a valued member of this cause, what axons have you gotten? hmm? PEople seriously, misspelling things is not big deal, i gave a reason i did it read above^^^^^^^ oh and PoS Your one of the smarter ones, thanks i like the way how you gave me a little bit of credit. Again i KNOW its spelled WRONG but i think of GOHON as a char that is VERY differnt then GOHAN, so can we please just drop it!!!!

9:19 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

Everyone The Error404 page has been updated, it gives the recording of all the crew talking to the queen, THe sleeping princess is gone, Lt. weephun told the queen where she was and how to get her, ...........were kinda screwd now........If you dont belive me go check the error page

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gohon, I would like to apologize. I did not realize this was a reference to your username. I read it out of context. Your explanation is very clear, and I would have never said anything otherwise. My bad.

Secondly, I must disagree with the comment someone made that spelling and punctuation are not important. Maybe this is true in a chat room, where your responses are immediate and need to be fast. But this is a blog, you can read and re-read and change your comments before you commit them. I realize that no one is perfect, and I know I’m not the worlds best speller. But when someone types sentence after sentence after sentence with no punctuation and a ton of spelling errors, I have to draw one of two conclusions. 1) You are 5 years old. 2) You do not have a tenuous grasp on the English language. Either way, get someone to show you how to use spell check.

10:10 AM  
Blogger WayRad said...

Hey there are new axons on the recipe3 page in case no one noticed.


Not to mention the 3 that still have not been turned on.

10:11 AM  
Blogger mothergoose said...

PoS: A Duck! is the correct answer... And to those who answered it I would say precisely!

Thanks to all who corrected me on my earlier assertion that ODSTs could be Spartan 1s. I have not read the books and did not know that the ODSTs have been discussed in detail.

Gohon: You name seems fine to me....

10:12 AM  
Blogger Gohon said...

its ok guys, but seriously, what about the SP?

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New coordinates on the Bee Sting Cake page. It includes the personal contact times.
mann alive, Sgt. 06:46 PDT
xnbomb, Col. 08:48 PDT
Mike Was, Cmdr. 09:32 PDT
weephun, Lt. 10:08 PDT
Carlson, Lt. 10:30 PDT
Adam, Lt. 12:02 PDT
Shad0, Lt. Cmdr. 12:16 PDT
Chappy, Mstr. Chf. 12:42 PDT
Kamen, Ens. 13:58 PDT
Mazian, Cpl. 14:48 PDT
krystyn, Ens. 16:52 PDT

11:09 AM  
Blogger mothergoose said...

Perhaps the SP's story about Perdita was really about herself. If you recall, the SP's last story message to us did not end quite so happily, and reading it again, it almost seems as though she knew that this was going to happen herself.

This leaves a couple of questions in my mind:

1) Doesn't it seem as though the Operator is eliminating various subroutines/programs rather methodically (First the SPDR, now the SP).

2) The Operator's message says that several crew were responsible for the SP's elimination. Reading what these crew have written at the unfiction forums, however, I would not think that they would tell the Operator about the SP. I'm sure they understand just as we do that the SP helped us to get some recordings that possibly could not have been accessed seperately.

3) SPECULATION: The Operator (Queen?) expected/knew would be sneaking around her tower. This is straight from SP: "But I really truly don’t want to get caught, so if you tell me a time to go, please make sure you have her attention then!" Obviously that didn't work out so hot...

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The recordings that the SP led us to, they don't seem to be related to the Jan/Jersey/Kamal story. They are about Ronnie and Reach and whoever that commander guy is.

I think they are during the same time frame, but not related. What did the SP want to show us that the Operator was hiding...?

11:21 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

Yeah, I'd just like to appologize too. I guess I missinterpreted that female comment... Sorry.
We do seem to be lashing out on each other more than normal. I'm not complaining that there are more axons past 777, just that it was a little anticlimactical... (even Dana seemed highly excited) and I think the stress is sorta getting to us.

I meant what I said about boys spending more time with girls, though.

BTW, if we've gotten to correcting spelling, or usernames... Dear God... that just sucks. What happened to the first couple of Dana's postings, when there were two types of people: lost ones trying to inform us of bungie conspiracy, and those willing to take the game in terms of believing Dana.. well, you know what I mean, right? there are still some left.

Keep going guys. The end is (maybe?) in sight.

11:28 AM  

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