Friday, October 22, 2004

Natural Enemies

Have you heard the one about the cat, the dog, the old man and the thief? It's an ancient Chinese fairy tale.

A woman who runs a hostel in Shanghai told me the tale over tea one afternoon. I was bleary-eyed from staying up all night at an Internet café watching you guys chase axons. She picked out the strongest green tea on hand and, I guess, the strongest story she knew to go with it.

Four months ago, I didn't have any enemies. Now, I feel just like that dog.


Okay, so you know what the Operator has asked me to do.

You also know what she has threatened me with.

Please help me stop the Operator from hurting Aunt Margaret. She is real. Your “friend” the Sleeping Princess is not.

You might want to stop me. But I am not going to be stopped.

I can, however, be helped.

I need a way to neutralize the rogue process.