Tuesday, October 26, 2004

mission accomplished

It's over.

I made the Operator happy.

I protected Aunt Margaret.

I am so relieved.


This is how I did it:

Make yourself useful, the Operator told me. Help me track the rogue process.

I can't see the rogue process, she explained. So I need you to be my eyes for me.

She gave me these orders: Check the server log for modifications and unusual activity. Put up tags on the site so I know exactly where the process is working.

So I spent the day tagging the site with new text. Pulling random phrases out of a book, my favorite book actually, because using familiar words made it seem less scary, and guys, I was actually a little nervous. Okay, a lot nervous.

I tried not to be nervous. I watched the server. I posted Sterne's phrases when I saw the rogue process, and I posted the time it was there so the Operator would know.

After 8 hours, the Operator told me I had fulfilled my mission. Nothing dramatic happened. But I guess I did my job.

A lot of you told me that I was wrong to even think about cooperating with Melissa. Some of you told me to wait just a little longer, until we had a better plan.

But many more of you said: Dana, do whatever you have to.

And so I did.

Aunt Margaret is safe.

Thank you for understanding. I did what I had to.